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What’s wrong with the sunscreen business?

Plenty, it would appear. The Environmental Working Group‘s (EWG) 2010 Sunscreen Guide is a scathing critique of the industry, which is largely unregulated.

Here are four standout points from the report’s Hall of Shame section that you should keep in mind when deciding how to protect yourself and your family this summer.


Glued to two screens

I was on my laptop this morning working on my film project—Letters from Leningrad—when a Skype message popped up on my screen. “You’re missing SA kicking France’s ass!”, it read. The contact’s name, “John”, appeared above the message, and it took me a minute—and a quick search through my contacts—to realize who it was.


Italy 0, Duper 1

The flag of ItalyGiven the name of this website, you might infer that I have a certain affection for Italy (and you’d be correct). As such, after their poor performance against New Zealand in today’s World Cup match, I was feeling melancholic.

While my usual response to the onset of mild depression has been to stay indoors until it leaves me, often plopping myself down on the couch with the TV on in the background, more recently I’ve considered another approach


Blind date

A day after asking Matthew Zachary and Jonny Imerman to find me a girlfriend, I was preparing to go out on a blind date. I met “Ann” a few weeks before on OkCupid, an online dating site that seems to do a pretty good job of connecting people, and last night at 8pm was the time we’d scheduled to meet for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in the Manhattan neighborhood known as Alphabet City.

I’m a pretty confident guy when it comes to my looks. I’m not model material or anything like that, but I think I look decent and I’ve gotten some nice compliments from women over the years. But there is something in the looks area that I am terribly self-conscious about, and that’s my hair.


Starsky and Hutch? Abbott and Costello? No, it’s Matthew and Jonny!

Attention, all you famous pairs: move over! The cancer duo has arrived and they’re a force to be reckoned with. Granted, they’re not a couple, and each has his own organization, but given the frequency with which you see the two of them next to each other at cancer community events, you’d think they were joined at the hip.

I’m talking, of course, about Matthew Zachary and Jonny Imerman.


Nothing short of awesome

I just got home from an absolutely lovely evening. To the average Dick or Jane, that might mean dinner with friends, or a movie, or a romantic night out. But I’m Duper, and in my world a reception to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day counts as nothing short of awesome.