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Community post from the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

Just got this from a Ciao, Cancer! fan.

Hi Duper,

I recently stumbled upon your blog and then proceeded to read every entry! My father passed away from a GBM 6 years ago, so I can certainly relate to a lot of the things you talk about.  I wanted to write to you to see if you would mention something about an event I’m helping to plan on your blog.  I currently work for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure in Washington, DC.  We are putting on a 5K Run/Walk on March 6th, 2011 in Florida.  I know you live in NY, but I bet you have readers from Florida! If you wouldn’t mind posting something, I can send you a short blurb, or you can just list our website  If you want to start a team and either fly to Florida in March (it’d be warmer than NY!) or participate virtually, I can certainly help you do that!

Thanks so much, in advance, for your support!

In hope for a cure,


Read on to learn about the 2011 Florida Brain Cancer 5K.