Hi, my name is Duper*, and I’d like to welcome you to the Ciao, Cancer! website. Ciao, Cancer! is a place, a blog, where you can read stories and musings and complaints and revelations from a guy (me!) who’s been down the cancer path. More than twenty years ago, back in the Stone Ages of cancer treatment, I was diagnosed with a Grade III+/IV- astrocytoma in my left-temporal lobe. To put that in layman’s terms, I had a very aggressive, cancerous brain tumor on the left side of my brain, just above my ear. A talented surgeon removed it, radiation zapped the affected area, and chemotherapy, administered over a couple years, took care of the rest. Buckets of love from family and friends and my stubborn determination to survive–to thrive–also played a role, I’m sure, perhaps a big one. The result is that I made it through, and, in the process, learned a hell of a lot about cancer—and life.

Some of the blog posts will make you laugh, some will tell you about opportunities, others might make you cry. One thing that’s important for you to know is that nothing here is official. I have my own opinions on health and wellness, and I’ll share some of them with you here, but I’m not a medical professional or a counselor or anything of the sort. It’s more like this: if you have cancer, or you’re a survivor, or you’re connected with someone going through all of this, then you and me, well…we’re family. And this place? Well, it’s like our dining room table, and I hope you’ll all be part of the conversation.

Enjoy your visit here and please say hello, whether that’s sending me a message or adding your own thoughts to blog posts. If you like Ciao, Cancer!, then please tell anyone you know who you think might enjoy the site as well.

*OK, Duper’s not my real name, or at least it’s not the one my parents gave me, but it most certainly is one I earned. If you’re interested in hearing the story, let me know, and maybe I’ll write something up here.

Thanks for stopping by. Now thrive!