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Community post from the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

Just got this from a Ciao, Cancer! fan.

Hi Duper,

I recently stumbled upon your blog and then proceeded to read every entry! My father passed away from a GBM 6 years ago, so I can certainly relate to a lot of the things you talk about.  I wanted to write to you to see if you would mention something about an event I’m helping to plan on your blog.  I currently work for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure in Washington, DC.  We are putting on a 5K Run/Walk on March 6th, 2011 in Florida.  I know you live in NY, but I bet you have readers from Florida! If you wouldn’t mind posting something, I can send you a short blurb, or you can just list our website  If you want to start a team and either fly to Florida in March (it’d be warmer than NY!) or participate virtually, I can certainly help you do that!

Thanks so much, in advance, for your support!

In hope for a cure,


Read on to learn about the 2011 Florida Brain Cancer 5K.


Ears ringing, face smiling

I went to sleep last night with my ears ringing and a smile on my face. The ringing ears came from listening to a musician I just met rock out at The Bell House in Brooklyn with his amazing wife and—to my great surprise—my buddy Jon Quinn, the Brooklyn fitness guru who runs Captain Quinn’s Boot Camp. The smile was a consequence of serendipity, wonderful news about Jonah’s battle with melanoma, and the band’s impassioned performance. And there were tears, not at bedtime but earlier in the evening, when a perceived wrong was set right. Before I jump into that, however, I’ve got to tell you about the serendipitous happenings that brought me to the performance.


The Stand Up to Cancer 2010 telethon is today, and here’s the final talent list (it’s good, so watch AND give)

Stand Up to Cancer 2010 will air today, Friday, September 10, 2010 on all major U.S. networks. Please be generous, and enjoy an amazing lineup of Hollywood superstars and international talent.

Donate now via the Stand Up to Cancer website. 100% of your donation will go to collaborative cancer research, and the organization that receives your help has an amazing track record. This is a great investment–in goodwill and in your health!


Stand Up to Cancer 2010 telethon is just around the corner. Bring tissues. And your checkbook.

A couple of weeks ago, just before heading out to the Cape, I posted a video of some of the top names in the music industry performing the song “Just Stand Up!” at the 2008 “Stand Up to Cancer” telethon. It’s a bit cheesy, admittedly, like “Do they know it’s Christmas?”, the flagship song of 1984’s BandAid initiative—but both of them brought tears to my eyes. With the 2010 Stand Up to Cancer telethon right around the corner—Friday, September 10, from 8pm to 9pm EDT—I’m getting prepared, with my fuzzy blanket, a big, poofy pillow, and two boxes of tissues. And not only because some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry will be there, but also because Stand Up to Cancer has actually done some amazing stuff with the $100 million they raised in 2008, I’ll have my checkbook next to me as well.


Natural high

Several years ago I came to terms with the fact that despite my distaste for getting up early in the morning, living in New York City makes you do it, and my choice was either to move or learn how to cope. I didn’t want to leave, so I turned to one of the most powerful, natural tonics mother nature has kindly provided humankind: coffee. If I don’t get my morning dose of—get ready—four cups, I’m neurologically dysfunctional, tired, and grumpy. But this past Saturday, for reasons I will explain in due course, was entirely different. I jumped out of bed at 5:45am, was out the door half-an-hour later with less than a single cup ingested, and—are you ready for this?—I was happy.