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It aint broke, but definitely fix it

Photo of Dr. John G. KennedyIf you’ve been following Ciao, Cancer! over the last few days, you know that 1) I spent some time kayaking and hanging out with my family last week on Orcas Island; 2) while I was there, broke my foot; 3) asked people for help (which I don’t normally do); and 4) got some exercise ideas from Captain Quinn to discuss in my then-forthcoming appointment with my orthopedist. I saw Dr. John Kennedy at the Hospital for Special Surgery yesterday afternoon, learned that I’d previously¬†been misdiagnosed (with potentially significant consequences), and went home in an aircast.


Captain Quinn to the rescue

In yesterday’s post, “Ask and ye shall receive. Really.“, I talked about the importance of reaching out for help, particularly in the health arena. I injured my foot a few months ago and found out last week that I’d actually managed to break it. I wanted to know whom to see–a top-notch orthopedist as old breaks can be problematic–and how to stay in shape if I were to have to withdraw from my fitness class. My normal approach would be DIY: conducting online research to find the doctor and learn about my fitness options. But this time was different. I sent emails and called people who I thought might be able to help me. All responded, one of whom was Jon Quinn, the head of Captain Quinn’s Fitness Boot Camp.