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Sunscreen follow-up: You say it’s the best, I say it’s the worst

Three weeks ago, after reading the Environmental Working Group’s 2010 Sunscreen Guide–the best information I’ve found to date on the sun-protection products offered to us by the largely unregulated sunscreen industry–I wrote a post titled “What’s wrong with the sunscreen business?“. In my inbox this morning I found a newsletter from LIVESTRONG with the subject “The Best Sunscreens”. I wanted to see how their recommendations matched up against EWG’s, and so I clicked on the link to check out the full article.


Getting fit together: Check out the MyPlate tool on LIVESTRONG

Since I started working out with Captain Quinn six weeks ago, I’ve noticed some real changes in my body. There’s less fat, more muscle, and a significant increase in endurance. This Saturday, I hopped on my bike and raced out to Coney Island, about 11 miles, and, after a lovely conversation on the boardwalk with a Ukrainian grandfather who wanted to teach me Russian, I raced back. I thought I’d feel fatigued when I got home and sore the next day, but neither was the case. I gotta say, I feel kind of proud (and grateful to my ├╝ber-cool instructor and classmates).

Now that regular exercise has become part of my norm, I’ve decided to take another step and look into my nutrition. I remember someone telling me that they were tracking their calories via a tool they found on Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG.COM site, and on Saturday, after my ride, I checked it out.