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New York Times: CT scans cut lung cancer rates. Ciao, Cancer: who pays?

The New York Times reported today that a massive, government-funded study has revealed that annual lung CT scans for current and former heavy smokers can result in a 20% reduction in mortality. That’s great news, since there hasn’t been any effective tool for early detection of lung cancer. But there’s something we need to know–or figure out–and that’s who’s going to pay for it?


Re your health, social networking giveth—and taketh away

I didn’t get much sleep last night. After throwing my back out the night before, and things worsening throughout the day, I couldn’t find a position that would make the pain go away.

At six this morning, I decided to throw in the towel. I’ll get out of bed and make some coffee, I thought. But as I tried to sit up, an excruciating surge of pain went through my back. I knew right away I’d need to see a professional. But where to find one? I didn’t know. That’s when Facebook came to mind.



The morning kayaking adventure around Orcas Island that I wrote about a few days ago ended as they always do there—hauling the kayak out of the water, across a rocky beach, and up a set of stairs to the lawn in front of my parents’ house. My right foot was sore when I reached the shore—the base of my big toe has been bothering me on and off ever since I started boot camp a month ago—but by the time I got the boat up to the house, the pain was so intense that I found it difficult to walk.


Morning edition

I woke up at seven this morning and had a small breakfast of cottage cheese and marmalade, accompanied by two strong shots of espresso courtesy of my parents’ formidable coffee machine. I slathered sunscreen over my face and neck, donned a baseball cap and sunglasses, and walked out to the kayak that I’d laid out on the lawn the night before.